Jecripe Project (at Universidade Federal Fluminense – UFF)

Since March 2009

Coordinator of the Jecripe Project – JECRIPE is a game that has the purpose of  stimulating preschool (3 to 7 years old) children with Down syndrome. The game stimulates some cognitive abilities through activities specifically designed for the users of the game. The following cognitive abilities are stimulated: imitation, perception, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and, finally, receptive and expressive verbal language. The Jecripe game can be freely downloaded from the following website:


TIDIA-AE (at Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica – ITA)

July 2007 – August 2008

Researcher of the TIDIA-Ae Project (Information Technology in the development of the  Advanced Internet – Eletronic Learning). The aim of this This Project was purposed to develop an E-learning environment for Brazilian universities of Sao Paulo state at Brazil.


RPG-EDU (at Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões – URI)

March 2005 to December 2006

Researcher of the RPGEDU Project (Educational Role Playing Game). This Project was purposed to develop an educational digital RPG (Role-Playing-Game) which included activities involving school-related subjects, such as History, Chemical, Biology, Portuguese, Mathematics, Physics and Geography. In our approach, we made game activities using school content for students.